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K.C.B.A.Benevolent  Fund

Annual Benevolent Fund Report 2015


The past twelve months has  been a period of great upheaval for the Benevolent Fund.

 Glynne Hibbert  resigned as Hon Secretary & Treasurer at the KCBA 2014 Annual Meeting and Mr J Canham  resigned as  the Fund  Chairman & Trustee .  I on behalf of the County would like to thank both men for the work they have done  for the Fund over the past many years. Glynne`s work has been recognised by the County , being made a life member of the County and presented with his County Badge.

Alan Easterbrook has moved from being the Div1 representative, taking  over as the new Trustee. Ian King has replaced Glynne as the new Hon Secretary & Treasurer. These changes created problems in managing the Bank Accounts, as new signatory's were required and change of contact addresses. These problems took some considerable time to resolve, resulting in the old accounts being closed and Alan Chase creating a new ring fenced account  within the Counties financial system. All the funds monies are now directed through this account with Alan in control. I thank Alan for all the work he has done in creating  this new system and producing the accounts.

Due to the above problems the June grants  were put on hold, however these were then combined with the Christmas grants and a double payout  plus bonus was made in November 2015. Two of our  recipients died early in 2015, so only 7 payments were made in November this year, plus a special one of payment of £150 to aid in the purchase of an electric wheelchair. Total grants £3977.

Club donations are up on the previous year at £1922, special thanks to Gravesend BC, Cobham, Met Police Hayes, Halls, Deal, Erith Kent Scottish, all of which donated £100 or more, and a special thanks to Kearnsey who donated £400. However the total number of clubs giving a donation were only 17 out of 162 in the county as a whole. If every club could donate only £10 each (just run a spider at one fixture  during the season) the future of the fund would be secure.

Special donations are also up slightly at £1509. The main donors are KCPPBA (£335), The Patrons (£600), West Wickham (£133), GRFC(£320), many thanks to all the donors.

If the Fund is to continue as a viable organisation we need to either find more beneficiaries or modify the type of support we provide. Ideas from clubs would be welcome plus more information as to possible new beneficiaries.

May I take this opportunity of wishing you all the best of health and good luck for the 2016 season.


Ian King   Hon Secretary & Treasurer 2016