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BowlingTours Excellence Award 2017

Announcing a new partnership with Bowling Tours Ltd.


At BowlingTours, our commitment to the bowls community is what drives us every day.

Bowling Tours Ltd is the no. 1 provider of quality bowling holidays across the UK.


After servicing a growing number of bowls clubs for two decades via our parent travel company, it seemed only logical to set up a stand-alone company dedicated to servicing the bowling community: Bowling Tours Ltd. We utilise our special relationships with hoteliers, coach partners and attraction providers to create a more tailored and memorable quality tour experience.


In response to the community’s desire for more information at their convenience, we went online and created – a more enhanced and convenient one-stop shop allowing access to:

  • The most extensive range of 3, 4 and 5 star hotels in the UK and Europe

  • Unique locations to provide a variety and keep members interested in touring

  • High quality fixtures with refreshments

  • Executive coach hire fit for any group sizes

  • VIP entry to top attractions for non-bowlers who have become an increasingly important part of the annual tour.


Today, as a community-driven company, we are dedicated to helping bowls clubs survive and thrive by increasing and retaining club memberships.  The ultimate aim is to find club members who are committed to creating the legacy of a competitive and socially prosperous club, as well as years of unforgettable bowling holidays for their fellow members.


The Kent County Bowling Association in partnership with BowlingTours are pleased to announce the Award of Excellence competition 2017


Recruitment is not just a key feature of the competition but it is the most important element.


It is often said that “Bowls is a sport for all” and we should ensure that this message is at the forefront when planning our recruitment venture.

Club Recruitment

To recruit, clubs need to have everything in place to ensure they are a well organised, friendly and safe environment. The open days should not just reflect the game of bowls, but also try to show the:


  1. Disability and Health Benefits

  2. Social Atmosphere

  3. Relaxed Approach to Play


  1. Disability & Health Benefits

During our planning for advertising we should give due thought to aiming our recruitment at everyone, not just the retired or able bodied.


How many times have we heard the phrase “I would love to try it but my back is not up to it” or “my knees, my hips, wouldn’t let me play”?


In response, we should promote the health benefits of playing bowls: the fresh air and exercise achieved, as well as the many bowling aids available for the less able bodied to also take part and enjoy the sport.


   2.Social Atmosphere

The social aspect of bowls gives new members a chance to make new friends both within the Club and the chance to meet other people from other Clubs during friendly and competitive fixtures.


The building of so many new homes in our County will bring a diverse number of people to Kent, many of whom would welcome the opportunity to meet other newcomers within a social atmosphere.


   3. Relaxed Approach to Play

We welcome all members to play at their complete convenience – at any time and day they wish. It is important to point out that our expectations of them is not for strict obligation to play competitively, but for them to feel free to simply enjoy the game without any pressure.


   4. The Opportunity

We here in Kent have a great opportunity to recruit more members and players. The sheer number and diversity of the Kent county bowls community can certainly be built upon and the best way to showcase this is through holding an open day with a difference (to be planned for early in the season). I would suggest the following:

  1. Invite people along as a chance to meet other people, with tea, coffee and biscuits available.


  2.Invite other businesses and organisations around your local area to take part or to advertise their business -              perhaps even to help sponsor the open day.


  3.Include the chance for potential new members to try their hand at bowling or just to watch others taking part on          the green.


We are also fortunate to have the important minority of members volunteering tirelessly on behalf of their various clubs in organising and managing the day to day affairs of the club. We appreciate their continued work, particularly during our recruitment efforts and you never know, perhaps the demonstration of our collective efforts will motivate new members to volunteer their time to the club in future!


With the alarming decline in Club membership numbers throughout our sport along with the demise of many once thriving Clubs it is surely time to try to reverse this trend.


BowlingTours Excellence Award 2017

The winners of the BowlingTours Excellence Award will be decided on a system of credits/points awarded pro rata. We wish to ensure that clubs of all sizes have the same opportunity to participate in this prestigious competition, taking into account the current Club membership based on the criteria (see table below). The competition will be judged by adjudicators appointed by the Kent County Bowling Association and BowlingTours.

Criteria for the competition is categorised into the following 5 groupings:

  1. Recruitment

  2. Family & Community

  3. Mobility

  4. Health & Safety

  5. Club membership

Further details will be found on the BowlingTours Excellence Award Entry Form.


Entry Forms have been sent to all Club Secretaries.

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