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Routine Operator Sprayer Checklist

Supplied by Taylor Rigby


Greens maintenance report

      Prepared by: Rick Travers

With new legislation regarding the use of pesticides and spraying of bowling greens, I was asked by Kent County Bowling Association Council to discover Bowls England’s position on courses, availability, venues and costs.


The Bowls England Greens Maintenance Advisory Scheme provides FREE practical advice and assistance to clubs regarding all issues related to the bowling surface.

Advice is given by qualified green keepers, the majority of whom are members of the Institute of Groundsmanship (IoG). They are organised through Regional Co-ordinators and County Representatives. Should more complex problems occur, further advice can be sought from outside agencies including the Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI).  Clubs are responsible for meeting the costs of any remedial work that is required following the free visit from the Greens Maintenance Advisory Service.

If your club needs help or advice please contact your County Representative or Regional Co-ordinator in the first instance.

Duncan Ellis Tel: 01227 471388                        Email:

I was directed by BE to contact National Administrator of the Greens Maintenance Advisory Service Arnold Goad. I then contacted Arnold and from our conversation the following is my understanding of the current situation regarding courses and qualification.


The use of pesticides on greens during routine maintenance must be carried out by a certified person and said certified person must hold qualifications PA1 and PA6. These qualifications can be obtained by taking courses and passing the necessary examinations.  Many Colleges offer courses on their curriculum and take place at various times throughout the academic Year, Courses usually consist of three days of various course work followed a week later by further instruction and examinations.  Costs are variable but are usually around £400 to £600.  The Greens Maintenance Advisory Service are willing to subsidise the courses and will reimburse 50% of the cost up to a maximum of £200. I would suggest that any Club wishing to get the subsidy contact the Greens Maintenance Advisory Service to obtain full details of this, information can be found in the Bowls England Year Book pages 80 through 83, my own conclusion is that all they require is paperwork to substantiate any claim; this would be an invoice to show monies paid and copies of Certificates obtained.



The only chemicals that you do not need a certificate are:

-          liquid fertilisers,

-          Soluble Iron.

-          Some Wetting agents


You Do need a certificate for

-          Weed killers –total & selective.

-          Fungicides – Contact & Systemic.

-          Worm killers

-          Pesticides

-          Some Wetting Agents.


I must emphasise this information is to the best of my knowledge.  It is always wise to confirm with the supplier in writing as to the necessity for a certificate..


The law is enforced by the Health & Safety Executive.

The penalty if caught is a fine of up to £5000 to the sprayer and up to £50,000 to the Club or company that has authorised him or her.


This information is the best I can provide at present but I think you can see the authorities are taking the matter seriously.


For details of courses available you should contact your local College many of whom offer these and could mean far less travelling for any candidate you would wish to send.  

For further information you should contact our Greens Maintenance Officer Duncan Ellis     Tel: 01227 471388 



I have listed below some of the places that offer courses in Kent:


East Malling Research   Tel: 01732 843833


Hadlow College,  Tonbridge. Tel: 0500 5514434      www. 


East Kent Training, Ecclesbourne, 11 Hook Lane, Harrietsham, Kent ME17 1J


Ian Gower Associates  Tel: 01622 675130  Mobile: 07946525298


 Progreen Weed Control Solutions Ltd, Kellington House, South Fen Business Park, South Fen Road, Bourne, Lincs, PE10 0DN

Tel: 0800 032 6262  :01778 394052 Email:


Landscape Training Group Tel: 01795 890890

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