President and Council 2022


Thurs 12th May 

Dane Park B.C.

K.C.B.A. 146  Dane Park 104


Thurs 26th May

Herne Bay B.C.

K.C.B.A, 101  Herne Bay  107


Wed 8th June

Empire B.C.


Tues 14th June

Kemsley B.C.


Tues 21st June

Gravesend B.C. (Presidents Club)


Thurs 7th July

Ditton B.C.


Wed 13th July

Cranbrook B.C.


Tues 26th July

Halls B.C.


Tues 2nd August

Deal B.C.


Wed 10th August

K.C.B.A. Ladies @ Gravesend B.C.


Wed 14th September

H.S.B.C. B.C.

President and Council Matches

Invitations to the President and Council to visit a Club for a match for

males only must be sent to the County Secretary not later than 1st JULY

for consideration for the following season. Although it is not possible

to accept all invitations the most careful consideration is given to each


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