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Updated on the 25th. March 2021


COMPETITIVE EVENTS - UPDATE received from Bowls England

Whilst 2021 will look a little different, the feedback we have received since we shared our outline plans with counties, clubs and players has been understanding and positive.

There is a recognition that we have to adapt and our conversations have confirmed that we share a common goal – getting the maximum number of people participating and competing in a Covid-friendly manner.

We are now pleased to share with you in full our plans for the 2021 domestic competitions programme.

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Gateway Bowls Club 91 Not Out

Buckland Mill Bowls Club was founded in 1929 at their bowling green in the grounds of Crabble mill. The club continued to operate through the war and continued to flourish even more with the opening of Buckland Mill Sports and Social Club in the 1980s.In2000 in spite of assurances from the parent mill managers it was decided that with the closing of the paper mill the Crabble site would be closed completely, locking the bowls club out of their home.

While fighting to find a new home the bowling club continued to play out of Folkestone Park Bowls Club who has two bowling greens. A new site was searched for and eventually, the club had to face closing down. Dover Harbour Board Sports and Social Club approached the club to look into putting down a bowling green. With money from the developers of Crabble, the clubs own savings, a council grant and money from Dover Harbour Board Social Club in 2007 a new Bowling Green was laid and a clubhouse fitted out and finally the bowling club had a permanent home. The club continued to thrive winning competitions and more importantly many friends.

Gateway Bowls Club was formed with the name deriving from the Port being the gateway to England and the paper mill having the portcullis as their main motif. Since moving to Whitfield the membership has grown with new bowlers and other new members who chose to join the club because of the friendly and competitive membership. There are several members who have been with the club for many years and could not even think about joining another club.

The next major obstacle came when the Social Club had to close due to lack of funds, without the parent club Gateway B.C. approached the Port of Dover and were kindly given a lease to continue operating. With this security, the club members made improvements to the clubhouse and the green which is maintained by volunteers.

Then we had to face another obstacle. The Port of Dover had received an offer to buy the bowling green, clubhouse and car park. The Port has kindly given the Bowls Club first refusal on purchasing the site. The Bowls Club had to take this up or lose the facility when the lease ran out. The Club applied for grants from Kent County Council, Sport England and The Charitable Foundation set up by Dover Harbour Board, after a long winter of form filling answering questions and our own fundraising we now have finally raised just about enough to pay the purchase price of £43.5K plus V.A.T We can now look forward to many years bowling and hopefully adding to our membership and success.

Over the last 91 years we have gained more than our fair share of County Badges, had a triple in the semi-final of the All England Championships and many other competitions on the way, but our main success is having a club that members refused to let die, we have lost members along the way but our new members have joined with the same family values and we still believe in each other and that bowls should be fun.

The club refuses to give up it is 91 years old and fully intends to carry on for many years to come.

This has been copied and pasted from the circular sent out by Bowls England, some alignment may not be correct:

CORONAVIRUS (COVID‐19) Frequently Asked Questions  Issue 1: 20th March 2020  

 Coronavirus_FAQs_001 (20th March 2020)  

Understandably, Bowls England has been inundated with enquiries from clubs and county associations regarding the Coronavirus outbreak, and we will ensure that each and every enquiry is responded to in the coming days.     We have produced this ‘FAQ’ document in response to the first wave of enquiries, which have been similar in their nature. It will continue to be updated as we deal with this ever‐changing situation.  Should you have an enquiry that is not covered within this document, in accordance with  Government guidance the Bowls England staff team is working remotely and we ask that you use electronic communication (preferably email) in order that enquiries can be forwarded to the appropriate member of staff. Please use the contact form at:    

ADVICE FOR INDIVIDUALS    How can we support our club’s members?  We are encouraging members to keep an eye out for each other i.e. shopping/contact etc especially those members who may live on their own. A telephone call, e‐mail or Skype to another member of the bowls community will, I am sure, be welcomed at this time. Bowls England is producing a  ‘Bowlers’ Workout’ in order to keep members fit and active during isolation and/or working from home, so we’re all ready to play when bowling resumes.    How can I support my club?  We are encouraging members to support their clubs financially by continuing to pay their annual subscriptions – in order that the clubs will be there for them when we are able to resume bowling.    ADVICE FOR CLUBS    Will our affiliation fees be refunded?  In support of clubs at this difficult time, Bowls England will refund the affiliation fees paid for 2020  by each playing member. Bowls England will refund monies to the County Associations, who are mandated to ensure that all monies are then paid to their Member Clubs. Please note that this process will take a number of weeks due to restrictions on the amount that can be paid by Bowls  England each working day.    Will my club be insured for the 2020 season, given that Bowls England is refunding affiliation fees?  Bowls England’s insurers Sutton Winson has confirmed that it will honour the Civil Liability Insurance for all clubs that originally affiliated for the 2020 season and have purchased their insurance through  Sutton Winson. Clubs who arrange their Civil Liability Insurance through another provider must ensure that their policy covers them. As a duty of care to our members, Bowls England urges all clubs, county associations and associate members to ensure that their insurance needs are fully in place for the 2020 season. To arrange insurance via Sutton Winson please contact:    When can we open our club?  We are seeking clarification in accordance with Government guidance and will update our 

members when more information is available. This will include any guidance on casual play.    What support is available for our club?  We are currently looking at potential funding that may be available to our affiliated clubs and we will circulate relevant information when it is received. In the meantime, we encourage all clubs to support Sport England in their request for further information on the potential impact of COVID‐19.  More information may be found at:‐information‐sector  We are also working with our key partners to produce further advice and guidance for clubs for the summer and beyond.    In the event that we cancel our scheduled tournament this year, can our Tournament Licence  be carried forward to 2021?  Yes, please advise us as soon as possible.    Should we continue to maintain our clubs and greens?  Bowls England intends to provide advice to clubs on the minimum maintenance that is required to maintain greens so they are playable when we resume bowling. We advise that you ensure your clubs and bowling greens are available when it is deemed safe to resume.     For any enquiries regarding Greens Maintenance, e‐mail: with details of the situation and any photographs if possible. This will then be forwarded to our professional advisor.    You can also use the online submission form at:‐advisoryservice    NATIONAL COMPETITIONS AND NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS    What will happen to the Bowls England National Finals?  The Bowls England National Finals will not be held, as most qualifying rounds leading to the National  Finals begin in early May to July and we believe it is impractical for these to be completed in all areas this season. Subject to any restrictions that may or may not be in place later in the season, Bowls  England will seek to organise a ‘Festival of Bowls’ in August/September.    What happens to my National Competition entries?  Bowls England will contact all those who have entered in 2020 directly to confirm that they wish to roll over their entry to 2021 (refunds will be available on request).    What happens to National Championship entries?  We will refund all entry fees to county associations, who will then discuss directly with entrants.    What will happen with entries in the National Champion of Champions?  All those who had entered in 2020 will be eligible to participate in 2021. Should play be possible later in the season and clubs have opportunity to organise qualifying events, any additional club champions (from the same club) will be permitted to enter in 2021. 
Coronavirus_FAQs_001 (20th March 2020) 
 INTERNATIONAL EVENTS    Are international events going ahead?  The British Isles Bowls Council and British Isles Women’s Bowls Council made the announcement below regarding the 2020 programme:    The following events have been cancelled with immediate effect:     BIBC Senior International Series and Championships (Llandrindod Wells, Wales, from 25th to  28th June inclusive)   BIWBC Senior International Series and Championships (Royal Leamington Spa, England, from  12th to 16th June inclusive)   BIWBC Junior International Series and Championships (Llandrindod Wells, Wales, on 18th  and 19th July)    It has been further agreed:     To seek alternative arrangements for the respective Junior and Senior Championships to be played at a later date (either in 2020 or 2021);   That a decision regarding the BIBC Junior International Series due to be held in Ayr, Scotland,  on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th September will be made at a later date and communicated to players and officials at the earliest opportunity    The World Bowls Championships due to be held in Australia in May have been postponed until further notice.    ASSOCIATED BOWLS BODIES    I am booked on to a Coach Bowls course, will this be going ahead?  Coach Bowls has postponed all courses until further notice. Bowls England will consult with the  English Indoor Bowling Association regarding when Coach Bowls activity should resume. For all of the latest updates, please visit:    Our club applied for a Play Bowls package via the Bowls Development Alliance (BDA). What happens with this?  The BDA has postponed all funding for events planned until the end of April 2020. To ensure that  clubs are not disadvantaged, clubs will be able to e‐mail into with rearranged dates once the advice from relevant bodies is changed. The BDA has removed the package window closing date and will be leaving it open through the year. For all of the latest news from the  BDA visit: 

Latest statement From the K.C.B.A. 19th. March 2020

Following on from the statement issued on the 18th. March.

A number of issues have been raised by one or two Club Secretaries. I have been asked to clarify one or two points from the last statement.

1.      Although Bowls England has said they will return all affiliation fees to members, we are not expecting this as a matter of urgency as there are a lot of things both they and our Association are trying to deal with at this moment, to date, no payment has been received from Bowls England.


2.      When discussing repayment of the Bowls England Fees, we spoke of the logistics involved in returning fees to every member, to try and alleviate the problem for our Club Secretaries in contacting members to pay them the £5.00, we decided as fees will again be due in October, it would be better to hold on to them. We do not feel that Bowls England thought this through, it would have been better to have just said “those fees paid for 2020 will be held over until 2021”, with fees being paid for any increase in membership.


3.      The County Treasurer is prepared to repay Bowls England affiliation fees, once we have them, to any club that requests a refund, but this MUST be returned to individual members. this, of course, would make you a non-affiliated club with all of its implications.


4.      Handbooks & Diaries are already in stock & paid for, they are available and will be distributed as soon as possible they run till the end of March 2021, an updated diary will be required for next season by all competitors and these will need to be purchased in the usual way.


5.      The K.C.B.A. is not a profit-making business, all monies held by us is money that belongs to our members, all money received is used to run our Association for the benefit of our members, for some Club Secretaries to believe we are in some way acting other than in the best interest of our members is wrong, and an insult to those that work so hard and give so much of their time for our sport.


6.      With regard to the use of greens for this coming season, we know that without a firm directive from the government some clubs will make their greens available to members, others will be closed completely. We do not wish to try and dictate to our member clubs whether or not they should open or close, we fully realise that members have elected committees who will decide these matters for themselves in the best interests of their members.

In conclusion. We are working through a very difficult and unprecedented situation; we are happy to receive any and all constructive ideas, comments, and criticism that we can use for the benefit of all our members.

We appreciate and thank all those who are doing their best to help us and their fellow members at this difficult time.



Further to the announcement sent out by Bowls England.


A discussion/electronic meeting of the Unified Management Committee took place today to decide  the actions we now need to implement to ensure the safety of our members under our duty of care. We would refer you to the response by Bowls England and agree with the measures they are taking.


We have made the following decisions:

  1. All County matches are cancelled for the 2020 season. This decision has been made due to the amount of work involved by clubs to host these events; we cannot wait until the last minute as this would be unfair on both clubs and the players involved.


  1. All County face to face meetings are postponed until further notice, we intend to use the technology available to remain in touch and keep things running as best we can.


  1. All Executive Officers Presidents, Senior Vice, and Junior Vice Presidents elected for 2020 will, depending on their willingness and ability to do so, continue in office for 2021.


  1. All County Competitions are cancelled as these are the preliminary rounds of the National Competition/Championships.


  1. The return of all competition entry fees will be a heavy financial burden as the cost to our business account will incur charges both for payments made by Bacs and cheques. We therefore propose that this money will be held as payment for the 2021 competitions and only be repaid on request less the cost of bank charges. It should be noted that the cost of entries for 2021 will increase to £3.00 per player, this increase will not be incurred by those with money held from this year.


  1. Bowls England are returning all affiliation fees, these will be held and paid to Bowls England at the end of this year for next years affiliation, clubs will not have to pay Bowls England

affiliation fees for 2021.



  1. Bowlers who in 2019 qualified for consideration for the award of a County badge will receive these by post in the near future. This is an action taken due to the exceptional circumstances and will not set a precedent. Players who qualified and wish to receive their badge in the customary way, at their first game for the County, may do so, please notify us as soon as possible if this is your wish.


We have received a number of enquiries as to whether or not clubs should open as usual in April, bearing in mind we all have a duty of care, rolling up or practicing on an outdoor green may not pose the same risks providing the green isn’t crowded and a reasonable space is kept from others, it really should be reasonably safe especially for those deemed at low risk from the Covid 19 virus, those at higher risk should be able to make their own decisions.


We are all going to be seriously affected by this crisis, we are bowlers we can get through this, with common sense,  a willingness help one another, and the spirit of camaraderie that makes our sport stand out from others we will prevail.


We ask you all to take the necessary precautions to remain safe, remember many of our members are unfortunately in the high risk category, a phone call, an email, or a skype chat to keep them in contact will go a long way to helping them get through this especially to those that live alone.


I look forward to seeing you all once again in the not too distant future, meanwhile we will try to keep you all updated with any developments that may affect us.

Peninsula Bowls Club.jpg


Peninsula Bowls Club in Kent is celebrating the grand opening of its new home which has been built and paid for by housebuilder Bellway in Hoo St Werburgh.

The new clubhouse pavilion is located off Bell’s Lane, opposite Bellway’s Nightingale Rise development, and was officially unveiled by club chairman Dave Moore and Bellway Kent Managing Director Chris Moore in front of many of the club’s members and guests on Thursday 18th April.

Peninsula Bowls Club invited its members for the grand opening to see the official ribbon cutting ceremony outside the new clubhouse pavilion, and to enjoy canapes and refreshments provided for by Bellway.

Dave Moore, Chairman of Peninsula Bowls Club, said: “What a wonderful occasion it was to officially open our new home alongside many of our members and guests last week.

“The day couldn’t have turned out any better. The new clubhouse looks marvellous, the sun was shining down on us and I think everybody had a great time exploring the new premises while enjoying some light refreshments and good company.

“Once more, I would like to thank Bellway on behalf of everyone at Peninsula Bowls Club for their hard work in completing this project and providing this fantastic new pavilion for us to look after for generations.”

Bellway is building a collection of one to four-bedroom homes at its Nightingale Rise development off Bell’s Lane and had vowed to deliver a brand-new clubhouse for the bowls club since it purchased the adjacent piece of land in Hoo in 2016.

Managing Director of Bellway Kent, Chris Moore, said: “We were overwhelmed by the turnout last week for the grand opening of the club’s new home, which has been years in the making. I believe it was well worth the wait given the vast amount of positive feedback we have received about the new building.

“A special thank you goes to all our contractors, sub-contractors and the planning team who have put so many hours into this project and have worked tirelessly to ensure everything about the new facility is right, and delivered on time for the club to start their new season in their new home.

“We hope that this will encourage even more members to visit the club and try their hand at bowls, and that the clubhouse will take pride of place in Hoo for many years to come.”

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