A certificate of merit will be awarded by the Association to a person who has given a minimum of 15 years service to their club in any capacity. Applications containing a brief citation and signed by two club officers, must be submitted to the appropriate Section Secretary by 1st July.

No more than TWO submissions per club per year will be permitted.

   A maximum of 30 certificates will be awarded annually. Each Section will scrutinise their

applications and submit an agreed list of recipients to the Management Committee for ratification.

  Presentations will be made at the Annual General meeting of the Association and the name of each recipient will appear in the Roll of Honour listed in the Year Book the following year.


Roll of Honour 2019

Robin Lunn                                Bearsted & Thurnham

Cyril Bodle                                  Northfleet        

John Williams                            Northfleet

Terry Farthing                           Halls

Albert Charlton                         Halls

John Parks                                Paddock Wood

Raymond Thorp                     Minster

Roger Pluckrose                     Minster

Roll of Honour 2018

Bill Field                                  Aylesham & Snowdown

Donald Hollingham              Bakers Bexford        

Keith Rutty                             Bakers Bexford

Ronald Howard                    Belvedere

Terry Yardley                        Belvedere

Peter Wilks                              Metropolitan Police

Derek Goodger                        Milton Regis

Leslie Collingwood                 Paddock Wood

George Haynes                        Paddock Wood

Roll of Honour 2017

JJ Smith                                   Kearsney

Ernie Wellings                         Aylesham & Snowdown

Gordon Parfitt                         Aylesham & Snowdown

Roy Smith                                Dartford Invicta

Rod Rogers                              VCD

Richard Hilsden                       VCD

Sydney King                             Paddock Wood

Brian Reeves                           Paddock Wood

Roll of Honour 2017

Roll of Honour 2016

R. (Bob) Davis                     Bromley Town B.C.
T. (Tom) Blackman            Dartford Invicta B.C.
D. (David) Wiltshire            HSBC B.B.C.
G. (Graham) Brown            HSBC B.B.C.
D. (David) Woodward       Paddock Wood B.C.

Roll of Honour 2015

N. (Norman) Berry                

R. Roy) Lewry                         

A. (Alex) Duckworth         

C. (Christopher) Bignell         

S. (Sid) Burkin                     

J. (Jim) Hall                           

D. (Diane) Coopey                 

B. Brian Davis                       

G. (Genny) Piper                       

G. (Geoff.) Wells                        

 Belvedere Social B.C.     

Belvedere Social B.C.


Bromley Town B.C.

Dartford Invicta B.C.

Dartford Invicta B.C.

Hesketh Park B.C.

Minster B.C.

Thanet B.C.

V.C.D. Bowls Section

Roll of Honour 2014

Albert Robinson

Brian Murphy

David Turner

David Wood

Derek Williams

Doreen Peerless

Eileen Bishop

Jean Hines

Jim Murray

Joan Foard

June Roberts

Keith Saxby

Mike Grey

Ronald Williams

Stanley Roberts

Ted Pollard

William Muxworthy

Rochester Clarence

Royal Bank of Scotland





Bromley Town



Rochester Clarence



Bexford Bexford

Metropolitan Police

Belvedere Social


Metropolitan Police