Winners and Runners-Up from 1995


1995 A. Conner (Baker Bexford)

1996 C. James (Canterbury)

1997 C. James (Canterbury)

1998 J. Winter (Sevenoaks)

1999 J. Dunn (Sandwich)

2000 G. Allen (Whitstable)

2001 A. Smith (Betteshanger)

2002 M. Devonshire (Winget)

2003 S. Green (Sandwich)

2004 S. Green (Sandwich)

2005 S. McCaughan (Sandwich)

2006 N. Williams (Borough Green)

2007 M. Cheeseman (Orpington)

2008 P. Woolford (Ashford Town)

2009 S. Whiting (Herne Bay)

2010 J. Kelly (Herne Bay)

2011 M. Rich (Charing)

2012 J. Avery (Folkestone Park)

2013 L. King (Milton Regis)

2014 S.Woolford (Ashford Town)

2015 P. Martin (Milton Regis)

2016  P. Martin  (Milton Regis)

2017  A. Rodger  (Milton Regis)

2018  J. Avery (Folkestone Park)

2019  J. Avery (Folkestone Park)



1995 P. Springate (Civil Service - Chatham)

1996 W. Cheeseman (Sevenoaks)

1997 J. Dunn (Sandwich)

1998 M. Lonie (Folkestone Park)

1999 A. Smith (Betteshanger)

2000 S. McCaughan (Betteshanger)

2001 M. Lonie (Folkestone Park)

2002 J. Winter (Northfleet)

2003 S. McCaughan (Sandwich)

2004 R. Crates (Herne Bay)

2005 S. Green (Sandwich)

2006 L. King (Milton Regis)

2007 C. Fox (Sandwich)

2008 J. Pounds (Ashford Town)

2009 P. Woolford (Ashford Town)

2010 K. Moss (Sandwich)

2011 T. Monk (Blackheath & Greenwich)

2012 J. Kelly (Milton Regis)

2013 S. Woolford (Ashford Town)

2014 C. Fox (St. Lawrence)

2015 M. Rich (Charing)

2016 R. Fergusen (Bearsted & Thurnham)

2017  P. Foster  (Canterbury)

2018  A. Rodger (Blackheath & Greenwich)

2019  J. Vandepeer (Canterbury)

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